AI for Association Executives: Using AI to Develop Content for Your Association

June 5, 2023
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Today's fast-paced digital landscape calls for constant innovation. With the influx of AI technologies upon us, associations need to embrace change and utilize tools that help them continuously engage members and offer educational programs that are relevant and valuable to their learners.

In our previous blog post, we shared ways associations can leverage AI to improve their operations as well as best practices for writing effective prompts. By harnessing AI, associations can automate administrative tasks, analyze data more effectively, and make data-driven decisions faster than ever before.   

What’s more, AI holds tremendous potential to transform content development for associations, from member-centric learning content to targeted marketing campaigns. In this blog, we’ll share ways AI can be used for association content development and conversation-based prompt ideas to supercharge content creation.

What is a Conversation-Based AI Tool?

You’re likely familiar with the most popular conversational AI tool, ChatGPT. What conversation-based AI boils down to is a software application that engages in dynamic and interactive conversations with users. These tools leverage techniques such as natural language processing and machine learning to understand user input, analyze context, and generate human-like responses.

In addition to conversation-based AI for content development, associations can take advantage of a wide range ofAI-powered marketing tools to optimize their workflows. These tools can automate tasks such as data analysis, audience segmentation, campaign optimization, and personalized messaging, allowing associations to streamline their marketing efforts and deliver targeted, data-driven strategies for member engagement and recruitment

Using AI for Association Content Development: 4 Ideas & Prompts

Supercharge Member Outreach with AI-Driven Marketing Content

AI can be your association's secret weapon for creating engaging and effective marketing content. By analyzing your audience's behaviors and preferences, AI algorithms can provide valuable insights to suggest compelling topics, captivating headlines, and copy. Whether you want to market to current members or attract new professionals to your organization, using AI to create content for a target audience will lead to better engagement and drive member conversion. 

Try these AI prompts for association marketing:

“Create a list of creative content suggestions for social media posts aimed at boosting membership among young healthcare professionals in the association. Emphasize the benefits of ongoing education, online credits, and other compelling incentives.” 
 “Optimize our email newsletter and make it more engaging for newer members: [insert newsletter contents].”

Deepen Member Relationships with AI-Powered Personalized Communications  

Personalization is key to nurturing strong relationships with your members. AI empowers associations to analyze vast amounts of member data, including interests, preferences, and past engagement patterns. Armed with these valuable insights, you can craft personalized and targeted communications that speak directly to each member's unique needs and aspirations. By delivering tailored messages, you enhance member satisfaction, loyalty, and retention

Try these AI prompts to create more targeted member communications:

“Craft engaging and friendly email templates for welcoming new members.”
“Suggest messaging and offers to entice conference attendees to check out our on-demand courses.”
“Create a member satisfaction survey to gather feedback on our webinar and identify areas for improvement.” 

Unleash AI's Data Insights for Dynamic Course Structure and Content

 AI opens doors to data-driven content ideation and course development. By analyzing data from your learning management system (LMS) and other relevant sources, AI algorithms identify knowledge gaps and suggest topics for future courses. This ensures that your association stays ahead of the curve, delivering relevant and impactful learning experiences that resonate with your members' evolving needs. 

Try these prompts to help you create courses and course content:

“Provide insights on the optimal course duration and lesson structure for a professional certification program in the finance industry.” 
"Provide insights on incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, infographics, or interactive assessments to enhance an online course on data analytics.” 

Elevate Course Discoverability with AI-Generated Keywords  

AI can also be used to distill or refine key elements of course descriptions and optimize keywords, resulting in more effective course representations and enhancing discoverability. By leveraging natural language processing capabilities, conversation-based AI tools can analyze and improve the provided information, ensuring clarity and relevance. 

Try the following prompt to summarize your course descriptions:

“Using the provided course details, generate a short description for the “Introduction to Digital Marketing” course. Course details: [Add full course description].

Getting the right eyes on your content is as important as the content itself. When you include the right keywords, your content becomes more discoverable for users searching for specific topics or information, increasing the chances to attract relevant learners.

That’s why Blue Sky eLearn has launched a new AI feature in Path LMS to automatically generate searchable keywords based on your Path LMS course content. Using AI for keyword generation can quickly help you pinpoint what learners might be searching for within your LMS.

Screenshot of Path LMS keyword generator

At the click of a button, AI technology will automatically populate relevant search keywords in Path LMS based on the course description and title, enhancing discoverability and visibility. By incorporating these keywords into your course descriptions and tags, you can attract a larger audience of eager learners and boost engagement.

We’d love to show you the magic of AI in Path LMS! Click here to get a demo and see first-hand why we’re the top LMS for associations.  

AI is the key to unlocking unprecedented growth and transformation. By embracing AI, associations can optimize internal workflows and create content more efficiently, which leads to exceptional member experiences. If you’re feeling trepidatious about the vast potential of AI for your organization, we’re here to help. Reach out with any questions!

About the Authors

Jena Cummiskey, Vice President of Product
Jena is dedicated to forming a deep understanding of the people who use our products and design solutions that help our clients succeed. As a part of the Blue Sky eLearn team for over five years, she strives to keep knowledge-sharing and collaboration at the forefront of our design processes so that we can continue to deliver the best possible user experiences, together.

Amanda Davis, CMP, Chief Experience Officer
Amanda has nearly ten years of experience in the association world, strategically focused on learning products. With multiple association roles as Director of Learning & Development and Online Learning Manager, Amanda has a deep understanding of the adult learning landscape and what keeps association executives up at night. Amanda recognizes the importance of strong learning technologies for today’s nimble associations and hopes through her role with Blue Sky eLearn, she’ll be able to contribute to the success of our growing mix of association clients.

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