NetVU increased member engagement scores and saved valuable time for staff members with Path LMS.

The Network of Vertafore Users (NetVU) is an independent, national member organization committed to providing industry advocacy, world-class education and networking to the more than 30,000 insurance agencies, carriers, MGA’s, and compliance organization and over 500,000 users of Vertafore’s solutions.

NetVU’s members reside in every state and are supported by over 30 local and virtual chapters led by NetVU members. NetVU was formed in 1978 as the ARCom Users Group, when a small group of agents joined together for the purpose of education. Forty years later, their focus remains constant—“sharing automation knowledge and advancing the industry.”


NetVU was seeking a better way to reach members and provide them with a deeper understanding of software operation and business skills development to help them further their career objectives. The goal was to be the first place members would turn to for industry education, advocacy, and news.


Using Path LMS, NetVU created a central, self-paced learning platform that lets members take online courses for deep-dive certifications and attend virtual events. By integrating Path LMS with their association management system (AMS), members get a seamless single-sign on (SSO) experience, and NetVU can report all learning activity back to their AMS.

Path LMS also hosts NetVU’s virtual events, including webinars and annual conferences. The integrated registration engine on Path LMS allows NetVU to run virtual chapter meetings and a webinar series centered around popular topics.

NetVU was able to reduce the staff time required to process registrations and post-event activities. They also saw increased member engagement scores through activity tracked in Path LMS and reported back to their AMS.

What NetVU Had to Say

"Path LMS is an integral part of delivering a wide variety of education opportunities to our thousands of members across many product lines. Features such as enhanced searching makes it so easy to zero-in on just the right course that provides answers to common business problems. Our members love it!"


  • Provide members with a deeper understanding of software operation and help them further their career objectives
  • Develop an efficient internal process and workflow for educating members
  • Be the first place members turn to for industry education, advocacy, and news


  • Use Path LMS to host recordings from webinars, annual conferences, and other supplemental materials and provide self-paced, online courses for deep-dive certifications
  • Running virtual chapter meetings focused on learning as well as webinars focused on popular topics while using the integrated registration engine in Path LMS
  • Integrating Path LMS with iMIS for single-sign on (SSO) and to report activities back to the AMS


  • Improved member experience by reducing the registration time and steps for each event
  • Reduced staff time required to process registrations and post-event activities
  • Real-time update of member activities through integration with iMIS
  • Increased member engagement scores through activity 
  • Saved 3-4 days each month on manually uploading activity reports

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