NAEA used Path LMS to increase their non-dues revenue by 400% since 2019.
National Association of Enrolled Agents

The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) is the nation’s leading community for tax practitioners, serving upwards of 8,000 members at various stages in their careers—from aspiring enrolled agents to experts with decades of experience. They provide a critical service to their members through their extensive education offerings designed to help Enrolled Agents complete their continuing education requirements.

The Challenge 

Enrolled Agents are federally-authorized tax advisors empowered by the U.S. Department of Treasury and represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Services for tax issues that include audits, collections, and appeals.

Becoming an Enrolled Agent entails much more than passing the initial three-part examination—it requires a lot of continuing education (CE). Enrolled Agents must complete a minimum of 16 CE credits and two ethics credits every year and complete 72 hours within three years to obtain license renewal.

As the leading education provider for Enrolled Agents, NAEA is a vital resource for these tax practitioners seeking to further their careers.

Without an easy-to-use, accessible cloud-based platform, NAEA could only offer a small selection of CE content in addition to in-person events and occasional webinars. In addition, not utilizing a learning management system meant that NAEA wasn’t generating much non-dues revenue from that CE content. 

The Solution 

NAEA chose Path LMS™ as the catalyst to help them expand their library of learning content and the reach of their certificate programs. Now NAEA has over 300 different products available for their members and guests on Path LMS. The breadth of available content for purchase meant revenue increased 400% since 2019!

Since launch, NAEA has used Path LMS for in-person and virtual events, and live and on-demand webinars. They are hosting around ten webinars every month on Path LMS, including a free monthly webinar series that their members love. They’ve even created a popular “boot camp-style” certificate program where members can complete 12 hours of continuing education in one week.

“We launched the certificate programs last year, doing five virtually. We’re planning on doing six in 2023. Over 1,000 people took our certificate programs in 2022, and expect that number to grow in 2023!” said Erin Mosher, Director of Education & Events.

Our team also helped NAEA refresh its Path LMS site’s look and feel. “The site looks so sleek now,” mentioned Erin. “It’s much more user-friendly with explicit instructions for signing up and accessing content.”

Most importantly, Path LMS has made it much easier for NAEA members to report their continuing education credits. Members love the convenience of receiving an automatically generated certificate after they take a live assessment in Path LMS.

“It’s just so easy for them to make sure everything’s right…in turn, it’s made our lives a lot easier. I honestly don’t know how we could do it without an LMS,” said Erin. 

Words of Wisdom

Erin shared some helpful advice for those considering implementing an LMS or switching to a new one. She encourages organizations to think through their member journey and how their members will be accessing and searching for learning content.

“I came in when Path LMS was already implemented and did a lot of organizing and categorizing so our members could find what they were looking for more easily,” she said. “Also, think through any requirements you might have regarding reporting CE and make sure they can be accommodated in your LMS. That is very important to our members, and getting it right is a matter of whether they can continue to do business or not.”   

What NAEA Had to Say
“Path LMS is very user-friendly, and Blue Sky eLearn adds new features all the time. Our members have a great learning experience, and we can better keep track of our member’s CE requirements. Path LMS is easy for staff to navigate and create the products, and it’s easy for users to find their learning content.” — Erin Mosher, Director of Education & Events 
  • Create a larger library of continuing education content for their members
  • Regularly host live webinars, and offer on-demand viewing options
  • Increase non-dues revenue by selling eLearning content
  • Provide a user-friendly platform to help members complete their CE requirements
  • NAEA chose Path LMS for their Continuing Education Portal to make it easier for Enrolled Agents to earn CE credit
  • The organization created a popular virtual certificate program to make it easier for Enrolled Agents to complete CE requirements  within a condensed time frame
  • The Blue Sky eLearn team redesigned NAEA’s Path LMS site for a refreshed look and better user experience
  • NAEA saw a 400% increase in revenue from their eLearning content since 2019
  • The organization now has over 300 products available on Path LMS
  • NAEA hosts around 10 webinars a month, including a free monthly free webinar
  • 1,000 learners attended NAEA’s virtual certificate programs in 2022

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NAEA used Path LMS to increase their non-dues revenue by 400% since 2019.

National Association of Enrolled Agents
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