AIHA uses the Path LMS Teams feature to streamline their eLearning delivery for increased content access, membership, and association revenue.
American Industrial Hygiene Association

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) is dedicated to occupational and environmental health and safety in the workplace and community. With a mission to “create knowledge to protect worker health,” AIHA works to prevent work-related occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) hazards at a global scale.

Industrial hygiene professionals engage with a wide array of roles and responsibilities. Over 8,500 members all over the country work in a variety of public and private organizations. More than half of the members are Certified Industrial Hygienists, and many hold additional professional designations.

Members rely on AIHA’s services and expertise, including networking and comprehensive educational programming, to ensure the highest level of competency and safety in both scientific and professional fields.


Comprehensive learning programs are a central resource for AIHA members. AIHA wanted to be able to continue to offer content to fit their members’ various needs and find a seamless way to extend their reach by selling to external organizational groups.

Colleen Manning, Program Director of eLearning at AIHA, and her team needed to streamline purchases for organizational groups seeking to enroll multiple learners. Processing individual orders was eating up staff time. AIHA also sought a straightforward way to deliver a variety of eLearning subscription options tailored to the particular sectors and interests of different members.


After vetting numerous learning management systems, Blue Sky eLearn’s Path LMS™ fit the bill for AIHA’s external content delivery goals. With extended membership needs in mind, Blue Sky eLearn recommended that AIHA use the Path LMS Teams feature to enhance their LMS implementation.  

The Teams feature enables organizations to extend their reach by selling to external organizations, all within one, easy-to-use interface. Within the Path LMS platform, external organizations can assign content to their group of learners and access segmented reports on learners’ progress.  

With the ability to grant the amount of control they desire to external organizations, Path LMS Teams provides owning organizations with expanded control and versatility.

A built-in feature of Path LMS, Teams offers flexibility so that existing members of the owning organization don’t lose their group access if they are also added to an external organization’s group of learners.

The Teams feature enabled AIHA to deliver content to their over 50 eLearning subscription groups and facilitate large seat number purchases by external organizations seeking to enroll a whole cohort of learners in a course at once.

“[Teams] has allowed for greater brand recognition of the eLearning Subscription and Bulk Purchase program—users know they are getting access to the content due to their participation in a particular program,” said Manning.  

Teams has provided AIHA with seamless flexibility and additional features that enhance the usability and marketability of their eLearning Subscription and Bulk Purchase offerings. Associations typically lack the dedicated resources in marketing and sales to grow revenue and a customer base for the eLearning programs they create and sell, but Teams allowed AIHA to do just that.

What AIHA Had to Say

"I’ve been very impressed with the resources Blue Sky eLearn has put behind the Teams functionality and their willingness to help problem solve integrating it into our processes."

– Colleen Manning, Program Director of eLearning at AIHA


  • Provide educational curriculum to over 8,500 members
  • Automate subscription content for external organizations
  • Facilitate bulk enrollment for organizational learning cohorts


  • AIHA implemented the Teams feature during the set-up of Path LMS.
  • Teams offered powerful, automated options for delivering content to selected external groups.
  • Blue Sky eLearn and AIHA worked together to ensure that Teams aligned with each part of the Path LMS workflow, ensuring seamless access to content for members.


  • AIHA saw a 35% year-over-year increase in revenue from eLearning subscriptions since implementing Teams.
  • The organization now has 55 active eLearning subscription groups.
  • In the first year alone, three organizations made bulk educational content purchases.
  • 5,300 people gained access to AIHA's content.
  • Bulk purchases have accelerated AIHA processing time and efficiency, reducing the need for individual orders.

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