Global Cancer Drug Development Workshop Awarded the Blue Skies Ahead Grant

March 8, 2023
Doctor researching cancer drugs
So many of our clients are doing great things for underserved communities. That’s why Blue Sky eLearn selects non-profit organizations to receive heavily discounted products and services each year through our Blue Skies Ahead Grant. One of our grant recipients in the past year was for the Global Cancer Drug Development Workshop. 

The Global Cancer Drug Development Workshop was put on in September 2022 by the Accelerating Anticancer Agent Development & Validation (AAADV), American Association of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF).

The three-day virtual workshop reached a global audience and featured training and education around pediatric and rare cancers and serving populations who lack access to new medicine for common diseases due to socioeconomic status.

Led by the vision, commitment, and dedication of H. Kim Lyerly, M.D., B.S., F.A.C.S, F.S.S.O. at Duke University School of Medicine, the virtual workshop enabled this vital training, education, and promotion of policies for developing new therapeutics to be available to more than elite institutions in major cities. 

The workshop was hosted on Blue Sky eLearn’s Path LMS™ and included 21 professionally produced live stream sessions over three days. Using the dedicated, custom-branded Path LMS site, attendees could easily register and attend the live stream within the same platform allowing for a seamless learner experience.

Before the event, Blue Sky eLearn professionally recorded and edited the sessions, which played as “mock live” presentations. By pre-recording the sessions, there was a consistent look and feel, and the presenters were more comfortable knowing their sessions would be seamlessly broadcast without any technical failures, and they were able to focus on the live Q&A during the event.

The custom branded live stream background gave the workshop a high-end delivery compared to a typical Zoom event.


The Global Cancer Drug Development Workshop was the third event managed by Blue Sky eLearn utilizing Path LMS. We were honored to lend our support through the Blue Skies Ahead Grant to this crucial virtual workshop. Our hope is that it serves as a shining example for future virtual events, allowing medical organizations to swiftly reach a broader audience and make a meaningful difference in combating both rare and common diseases in all corners of the world.

Are you a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) organization and a current Blue Sky eLearn client? Talk to your Client Success Manager today to see if this opportunity is right for you! Click here to learn more.

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