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How to Get Sign Ups to Show Up

You’ve done the hard work of generating registrations for your webinar. But when the event rolls around, you’re dismayed to see that most of your registrants never make it to the call.

It’s a common challenge. According to a 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report*, the registrant-to-attendee conversion rate for most webinars is between 35 percent and 45 percent. That’s right – it’s normal for over half of your registrants not to show up.

But if your registrants aren’t showing up, they’re missing out – and so is your organization. If registered for a for-fee training webinar, your registrants certainly won’t get value for their financial investment if they aren’t present. In addition, whether promoting a free event or charging tuition, you’re losing the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, as well as the chance to invite attendees to take the next step in working with you. The higher your webinar no-show rate is, the lower the return on your marketing investment.

People who were gung-ho about registering for your event may not show up for a variety of reasons:

  • Forgetfulness. They may have the event on their calendars, but when the time comes, the webinar completely escapes their mind.
  • Competing priorities. They plan to attend. But when the appointed hour comes, something else in their life has taken a bigger priority than keeping their commitment to attend the webinar.
  • Loss of enthusiasm. They remember registering. But when the day of the webinar rolls around, they don’t feel the love.
  • Schedule conflict. They’d love to be there, but have had to book another appointment at the same time.
  • Replay access. They never intended to participate in the live webinar, but signed up anyway to get access to the replay.

The key to boosting your attendance rate to create a post-registration marketing campaign. The goals are to keep prospects enthusiastic about what you’ll be sharing on your webinar so they show up, as well as ensure that your busy and overscheduled registrants remember that they made the commitment.

What to Include – at a Minimum

In its most basic form, a post-registration campaign will provide email reminders 24 hours before an event, as well as the morning of the event.

An email reminder 15 to 30 minutes before the webinar starts also can be a great nudge for registrants who get consumed by their to-do lists. Better yet, ask for a mobile number during the registration process and send a simple text reminder 5 to 10 minutes before the start time.

In these reminders, include information you shared on your registration page, such as the bullet points describing your content, identification of the transformation that will occur for attendees, and even a description of who should attend.

Go Even Further

Want to take things up a notch? Incorporate other types of messages in your post-registration sequence. Examples could include:

  • An invitation to participate in a short, pre-event survey to help customize the content even further. Ask for their #1 question or challenge related to the content and/or other information you’d like to know about your attendees (e.g., job title, industry, company size, etc.)
  • A recent blog post related to the topic of your webinar.
  • A request to help spread the word about your event by posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., that they’ve registered for your event.
  • A short email previewing a case study you’ll be sharing on the webinar. Alternatively, let them know about new content that you’ve added to your presentation.
  • A teaser about what attendees will get as a special bonus for attending the live webinar.

Offer Special Bonuses for Live Attendance

To entice registrants to show up live vs. waiting for the replay, offer special bonuses or content for people who are on the live training, such as:

  • A drawing for a gift certificate and/or educational resources (as Blue Sky eLearning does during its monthly educational webinars).
  • A bonus gift that’s available only during the training and shortly thereafter (for example, until you send out a link to the replay).
  • Bonus content during the live training that will be edited out of the replay.
  • A complimentary consultation or other extra for people who are on the live training. (Just make sure to let registrants know that you are able to see who is actually on the live training.)

You may want to do multiple giveaways. For example, give one gift to people who show up on time, another partway through your webinar, and a third gift or special piece of content for those who stay on until the end.

The chance of achieving 100 percent attendance is practically non-existent. But by building a robust post-registration marketing sequence that reminds prospects why they were excited to register and that entices them with rewards for showing up, you’ll increase the number of sign-ups who show up. You’ll achieve the ROI you want – and your attendees will achieve the transformation they’re seeking.


*Refers to ON24’s 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report

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Blue Sky heads to AMS Fest Midwest as an Industry Partner


Blue Sky eLearn is heading to Chicago for AMS Fest Midwest! As first-time attendees, we’re excited to be heading there as an Industry Partner. The event takes place from June 7-8, 2017.

In addition to attending, we’ll also be hosting one of the Block & Tackle Talks on Thursday morning. These are fantastic peer-to-peer microlearning chats. These will be covering some of the hottest topics in the association tech world, and Blue Sky’s conversation will focus around one of the most common next step’s after you’ve settled on your AMS – your LMS.

We realize in this day and age that efficiency, affordability, and ease-of-use are all extremely important to associations when they are choosing their technology platforms. These were some of the pillars that our Path LMS was built on, and why we strive to provide excellent AMS integrations to all of our clients. To learn more, contact us today or come say hello to us at AMS Fest!


About AMS Fest

AMS Fest is two loaded days where you’ll be elbow-to-elbow with other association executives, AMS consultants, and AMS vendors that all want to engage in discussions around nothing but AMS. You’ll be sure to hear talks related to any (and maybe all) of the following: the future of AMS, where does the AMS really fit in our technology solar system, what’s trending, what’s not working and what is working, what’s innovative, should associations or technology vendors be the guiding force in development, what new systems are out there, CRM vs AMS, and the list goes on.

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