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Webinar Recap: Association Value Prop Remix

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Sonya Pittman Guthrie and Jennifer Rowell, co-owners of Up10 Solutions, on one of our monthly webinars. If you missed their webinar, Association Value Prop Remix & Laying the Track for Member Persona Creation, we’ve recapped it below and have made the recording available here.

1. Get Better Acquainted with Your Members

The first thing that Sonya and Jennifer discussed was getting better acquainted with your members. Some ways to do that are:

  1. Data analysis – key data points through reports
  2. Member segmentation
  3. Engagement Review – are they on committees, contributions and/or donations, in-person and online continuing education, and career development are all good things to look at
    1. This also means you must be providing options for your members to drive their careers, leadership, and volunteer activities!
  4. Power BI Usage – use Excel with member segments and upload this to Power BI, which will help with the output

2. What Are Your Members Saying

Part of getting better acquainted with your members is finding out what they’re saying. You don’t have to wait for an in-person meeting or event, instead set up Zoom video calls for added engagement when you’re virtual. Additional options to calls include:

  1. Survey your entire membership base
  2. Focus groups for a small but reflective group of members
  3. Comment boxes at events
  4. Continuous polling at town halls, in surveys, and chat features on your website

3. What Are Your Members Getting Elsewhere? And With Who?

Chances are, your members aren’t getting all of the things they need from your association. You’ll want to find out what items they are going elsewhere for and who is filling that void. They may be considering competition, but you might want to evaluate if this ‘competitor’ could become a partner of yours instead. Using methods above you’ll want to:

  1. Perform a competitive analysis – research the organizations your members provide in the surveys you send out
  2. Look inside and outside your industry
  3. Local and national
  4. Ask!
  5. Are their opportunities to partner with these other organizations?

4. Define Your Member Segments

Defining your member segments is a major step for creating member personas. Member segments could be things like active vs. non-active; student vs. professional; and first year members. Once you segment out your members you can start asking questions like:

  1. What do your first year members look like?
  2. What do the majority of your members want?
  3. What do they assign value to and are you providing it?

5. Identify Your At-Risk Members

While most associations are focusing on acquiring new members, we can’t forget about retaining our current ones. And of those current ones, some are probably at-risk! So, ask yourself:

  1. What do your non-renewals look like from the past 3 years? What was the age of termination, were they active before terminating? What was their member type?
  2. What was their reason for termination? Send out a survey once they’ve notified you they will be terminating. Is there any opportunity to get them to rejoin?
  3. Was there a lack of awareness of offerings?

Look at what programs you have now and if you can, let the data help! See what makes sense to sunset, get rid of programs that have become stale or pet projects. For new offerings, they don’t have to be expensive! Take your time, and first consider renaming or repackaging things for a fresh offering.

To dive in more on these topics and see specific examples, check out the on-demand webinar here.

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