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Upgrade Your LMS with Social Learning

Upgrade Your LMS with Social Learning

Most associations have an Association Management System, or AMS. Many associations have a Learning Management System, or LMS. More associations are starting to utilize online communities as well. You’ve probably heard of online communities, maybe you’ve even been a member of one. According to a recent study by Leader Networks, 92% of community leaders believe that their online communities have an impact on the business.  

Some ways these leaders believe communities positively impact their business is customer (or member) retention and intimacy. Others included more innovation, market awareness, and more sales. But what about learning? 

Associations, at their core, are social organizations. But one of the biggest values many associations offer outside of the social and networking component is education. So, wouldn’t it make sense to combine the two and offer a more social learning environment for your members? 

What are the benefits of social learning?

  • Learning doesn’t have to stop when the course or conference concludes. 
  • Get involved at whatever capacity you’re comfortable with. 
  • Give your members a place where they can ask for help, offer advice, input or other insight from one another. 
  • Allows members to collaborate to solve problems. 
  • Crowdsourcing content – making it easier for people to find answers to questions that may have been asked in the past. 
  • Allows members to compare performances on different courses – a little competition never hurt anyone! 

Can we connect social learning to our LMS?

As I mentioned earlier, many associations already have an LMS and are already hosting on-demand courses and virtual events for their audience to collect continuing education credits, certifications, and general learning activities. Depending on your LMS, you may have the option to add discussion forums to courses and instructor-led assignments for real-time feedback, but the real social aspect comes into play once you integrate your LMS with a community. 

Path LMS is integrated with Higher Logic’s community, allowing our clients: 

  • Seamless user experience and cohesive branding 
  • The ability to have private meetings or public discussions on specific courses 
  • Keep discussion topics ordered and organized, while also giving participants access to their discussion history 
  • Email notifications to keep people in the loop 
  • Display of continuing education credits and certificates that have been awarded to members 
  • Promote upcoming virtual events and new courses as an added resource to current engagement vs. a separate offering 
  • Streamline knowledge sharing across platforms for a better learner experience 

Interested in finding out more about social learning or the Path LMS and Higher Logic integration? Contact us today. 

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