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Tips for Utilizing Volunteers for Launching Your LMS

Implementing an LMS is no small task. But you don’t have to do it alone!

Utilizing volunteers can help take the workload off of you and your staff. Here are some task-based positions you can ask people to volunteer for:


Subject Matter Expert

Review current content, such as video presentations, slide decks, and course resources, for accuracy and relevance. Prioritize existing content into Keep, Refresh, Retire:

  • “Keep” content can be organized for migration to new platform
  • “Refresh” content can be part of Phase 2, which will involve planning for future content creation
  • “Retire” content will enjoy its time on the golf course in Florida

Graphic Guru

Update course collateral – PowerPoint slides, course workbooks, etc. – with new templates, graphics, fonts, etc. Identify an image that will be associated with each course. This image will represent the course in the LMS, and can also be used across all marketing efforts for consistency. While this person doesn’t necessarily need to be called the Graphic Guru, you will want them to have some PowerPoint experience and some sense of aesthetic detail. Also, there’s no reason to have anyone do this work until you decide on what content you’re keeping!

English Expert

Write and/or review all course descriptions, instructor and presenter biographies, and proofread slides and resources for all content. Assure all language is in the correct tense (i.e. an upcoming live event will utilize a different language than an event that has already occurred and is on-demand). This person should have great writing skills and perhaps some marketing experience to give the descriptions some flair. Descriptions and biographies should be kept relatively short to prevent learners from having to scroll and scroll to get to the purchase button!

Phase 2 Crew

Identify what “Refresh” content can be tackled first and identify “what’s next” for course topics, webinars, podcasts, etc. Create a content calendar of what will be created and when it will be released. You can have volunteers working on this while the other work is happening. These volunteers should have a good sense of what your members want to learn more about and what content they are clamoring for. This is typically a longer-term position, perhaps with rotating volunteer involvement, since you will always want to have a plan for what’s next.

What other types of volunteers have you utilized to get your LMS implemented or to keep your eLearning programs fresh and up-and-running?! We’d love to hear more tips!

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