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Tips for Attracting a Younger Audience to Your Webinars

Did you just come up with a brilliant idea for a webinar? Is your topic exciting and thought-provoking? You may have the most riveting webinar ever, but you probably won’t consider it a success if you don’t have an audience. In this article, I’ll go over some ways to attract a younger audience to register for, and ultimately promote your webinars for you. But first, you’ll need to understand a few characteristics unique to the younger generations that encapsulate the ‘why’ behind these strategies working.

Millennial Characteristics

Unlike previous generations, millennials do not care as much about status. Rather, millennials care more about recognition. Status and recognition are similar in nature, but very different in how they are achieved. Status takes time and effort while recognition can be instant – and we all know millennials love instant gratification. Take a look at companies who have created loyalty programs to incentivize consumers to buy more products by providing them with the opportunity to earn free rewards and elite statuses – for example, nearly all airlines have these types of programs. The more miles you fly and money you spend, the more elite the tier you’re in becomes. Having so many tiers is a genius marketing ploy because every time someone is a booking a flight, they will take that airline status into consideration.

Now, let’s take a look at why this kind of strategy is NOT always attractive to younger generations. While millennials still enjoy rewards and elite statuses, earning them can feel like a chore. Millennials don’t want to be brand loyalists, millennials want to be trendsetters. They don’t care about your brand as much as they care about their own. What does this mean? Millennials grew up with social media and like to share the products they buy and the things they do. So, give them something to share, and let them set the trends through their own channels.

What about webinars?

What does all of this have to do with webinars? A webinar is a perfect opportunity to exploit the millennial generation’s desire for recognition and promoting their own brand. Include them as presenters, guest speakers, and moderators. If anyone you involve is active on social media – even better! This doesn’t mean your entire event needs to be comprised of millennials. Having a mix of presenters can help increase interest and who the event is promoted to. By including a millennial, you’ll hopefully draw other millennials to attend your webinar while also providing a unique perspective to the topic at hand.

Being a millennial, I imagine how I would feel and what I would do if an organization had just invited me to play a part in an upcoming webinar. I’d feel extremely flattered, and after getting all of the details, I would personally send the registration information to my family, friends, and colleagues – especially those most interested in the topic we’d be covering. I would then post and share the event on every social media platform I use. And just like that, your organization would have a free way to promote your event to a brand-new market outside of your typical network.

Of course, the basis of this article can be utilized in many other ways than just promoting a webinar. Whether it be a podcast, an article in a magazine or on a website, or even speaking at a conference, remember the overall point of this article is that Millennials respond well to recognition, and recognition is easy to give. Be active on social media, like people’s posts, and share and give shoutouts to your members or prospective members. Simply tagging a millennial or Gen Z’er in a social media post may make them feel the same way an elite status might for someone in an older generation. The key aspect is that recognition and status accomplish the same thing, making the individual feel important, now it’s just applying the right tactic to the right generation.

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