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The Top 5 Challenges Education Directors Face – Webinar Recap

The Top 5 Challenges Education Directors Face

Recently, Dan Streeter, Blue Sky’s very own Vice President of Learning Strategy and Development, sat down and talked about the five challenges education directors face. You can watch the full on-demand webinar here and view our highlevel recap below! 

PROBLEM 1: What do you mean by success?

Learning Outcome: Develop a well-crafted content development and engagement strategy

The Solution: Develop a business strategy – there are numerous steps when it comes to creating a business strategy that Dan reviews in depth

THE TOOL: The ROI Calculator and Avatar Creator 

PROBLEM 2: Our stuff looks like a mash-ups of puzzles

Learning Outcome: Unify thought and design across your content elements

The Solution: Create a replicable learning prototype

The Tool: Bloom’s Taxonomy, Branding Guide and Rapid Prototype 

PROBLEM 3: It takes so much time to build a course

Learning Outcome: Evaluate your current content build-out process

The Solution: Determine a replicable creation process

The Tool: ADDIE, SAM, IMPART’s model 

PROBLEM 4: We have to have xAPI!

Learning Outcome: Identify the “right design tool” for the “right design job”

The Solution: Focus on outcomes, time/budget and ROI

The Tool: Thee key questions, The Chaman Alliance Hours Model 

PROBLEM 5: Balancing Buy-In vs. Production

Learning Outcome: Avoid the trap of “stakeholder myopia” by giving up your positional super-power.

The Solution: Manage Up

The Tool: RACi Model, Project plan 

To dive in deeper to these five challenges and their solutions, watch the full on-demand webinar here.

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