Live Streaming

Our live stream solutions help you capture and manage powerful events that your virtual audience will remember.

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Live Streaming

Let our live streaming technology experts handle your technical needs so you’re free to focus on your message. Use our full-service production crew, your own crew onsite, or a high-quality webcam to smoothly and seamlessly broadcast your live event, annual conference or meeting and enable real-time remote audience interaction from anywhere around the world.

Our Flexible Event + Production Solutions Features

Remote Webcast

Remote Live Stream Delivery

  • Technical and Customer Support for Live Stream Attendees
  • Compatibility To Receive Encoded Video Stream From Client
  • Event Backups and Redundancies – Including Backup CDN, for Real-Time Rollover
  • Live Event Monitoring Services
  • BSE Conducted Live Stream Recording and Post-Production
  • Post Event Module Production

Live Stream Full Service

Full Service Live Stream

Everything included with Remote Live Stream Delivery as well as:

  • Onsite media production, including videographers, technicians, and event moderators
  • Onsite equipment
  • Coordination and integration with existing A/V vendors and infrastructure
  • Back-ups and redundancy to assure event reliability

Live Stream Delivery Features (Available with Both Services)

  • Premium Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Delivery of video, along with presentation slides and other materials
  • Seamless integration with Path courses and all LMS/continuing education functionality
  • Advanced attendance monitoring, with attendance prompts
  • Automated delivery of adaptive bitrate for attendees
  • HLS streaming format for video delivery through HTML5 native player (no plug-ins or downloads required)
  • Integrated Q&A, live chat and polling capabilities
  • Live analytics
  • Scalability to accommodate large webcast audiences
  • Translation and Closed Captioning

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We’ll deliver peace of mind and quality recordings that will get your audience subscribing to your podcasts in no time. Utilize your Path LMS to host the recordings as a podcast series to diversify your eLearning offerings.

Our Flexible Podcast Solutions Features

Audio Equipment

Event Services

  • Up to 30-minute recorded podcast with a dedicated Blue Sky Event Manager
  • Presenter training on any provided audio equipment
  • Post-event analysis and participation reporting with Path

Audio Production


  • Editing out any major gaps in the conversation to ensure the conversation flows smoothly
  • Mixing in any intros, outros, commercials, or music bumpers
  • Audio-production enhancements, including vocal balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, hiss/hum removal, and equalization
  • Convert to high quality MP3
  • Podcast recording archive delivered to you or published to your Path LMS podcast catalog

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What our Customers are Saying

“I’ve been so impressed by Blue Sky’s customer service.”

“I’ve been so impressed by Blue Sky’s customer service. Our moderator was exceptional – the best I’ve ever heard. We even had a mic issue at the start and she handled it GREAT! My project manager has always answered all my questions and gotten back to me very quickly. So happy we picked Blue Sky!””

Digital Analytics Association

“Great solution for virtual event management”

“Great solution for virtual event management. After our initial (positive!) experience utilizing Path for hosting our Annual Meeting presentations, we’ve partnered again to begin offering webinars, recordings and podcasts. This has been a great way for our organization to showcase our events and continue to generate revenue year-long with enduring content. Support staff are friendly, fast and patient with novice customers.”

Neurocritical Care Society