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Personalized Learning: Who, What, Why? 

Why does personalized learning matter for your organization?

In 2018, we have access to personalized experiences throughout the day. Whether that’s a website recommending new products to purchase based on what you’ve previously bought, a restaurant app suggesting new restaurants based on where you last ate, or a media app suggesting a new show based on what you’ve been watching – you’re constantly experiencing these personalized recommendations. 

One area where personalization has fallen behind a bit is eLearning. 

What does that mean for you, an organization who provides eLearning? Your learners may start looking elsewhere for their education and training needs, seeking out a solution which provides a more personalized approach. 

What can you do to make sure your organization remains an industry leader and a top provider of the education and training your learners are looking for? 



Your learners! Yes, they will view the content you are putting out there if they have a high interest in the topic(s). Yes, they will view the content you are putting out there if there are credits or certificates attached that they need in order to keep their certifications. However, they don’t want to simply know what they are watching or learning about, but why they are. Provide them some context that makes their journey feel a bit more personalized. And the more learners you have viewing your content, the more likely they are to recommend it to others – adding another layer of personalization. 


This might be an obvious one, but it’s tough to have an eLearning program without utilizing technology. What you might not realize is that not all technology is created equal and having the right platform(s) in place can make a difference in the personalized experience a learner receives. You can utilize your LMS for things such as: 

  • Groups – allowing learners to follow specific curriculums and learning pathways based on their group permissions 
  • Discussion Boards – allowing learners to interact with one another and discuss different events, courses, and presentations 
  • Reporting – analyzing learner data and using this information to draw correlations between learners and content and changes and improvements that can be made to future courses 


At our company’s Launch! 2018 meeting this year the big focus and takeaway was our “why” – as an individual, a department, and the company as a whole. By understanding our “why”, it enables our team to start the day motivated and be inspired to drive forward Blue Sky’s mission. Just like each of our employees needs their own “why”, your learners do too!  

While the “why” or learning is typically an easy one to realize, it is important to try and bring out a bigger “why” whenever a learner is taking a course so that the satisfaction won’t just be for completing the course and receiving the certificate, but for increasing their knowledge and spending the time to become a more educated person in their field. 

In conclusion, providing your learners a more personalized experience should increase their satisfaction with your courses and materials, and keep them coming back to your organization for their eLearning needs.  

To learn more about how Blue Sky eLearn and Path LMS can contribute to your personalized learning goals, contact us today. 

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