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Is Your Organization Social When it Comes to Learning?

It has become increasingly important to make your learning as engaging and interactive as possible.

Gone are the days when your audience simply wants to sit back and listen to your presentation – whether face-to-face or virtual, live or on-demand. When we think about it, though, this may have always been the case. Social learning is in your DNA – good or bad – people have always wanted to share their thoughts with their peers. It has also proven to be a more effective way of learning, as the social context and interaction seems to make learning stick, as well as encourage innovation and impact.


So how can you ensure your learning becomes more social?

  • Encourage Discussion for On-Demand Learning – on our Path platform, we utilize an integration with Disqus so that our clients can allow their audience to discuss presentations, events, and courses amongst themselves. The ability to discuss learning with peers leads to more understanding and new ideas. Administrators can choose to moderate the discussions or not.
  • Crowdsource Content – enable discussions around registration for a virtual event as an opportunity to crowdsource content for the presenter.|
  • Utilize Engagement Features during Virtual Events – this could include chat pods, question and answer sessions, polling questions, Twitter feeds, or all of the above! The more interactive and engaging your virtual events are, the more likely your audience is to stay connected the entire time and come back for more.
  • Social Media – utilize social share buttons and connect your virtual events and learning platform with your social media pages. Let technology platforms bring everything full circle for your audience and make it easy for everyone to follow along.
  • Enable Feedback Between Instructors and Learners – instructors can be assigned to a course with a specific group of students. The student can share comments about assignments they are submitted and the instructor can share feedback about the student’s assignment, in addition to grading it.
  • Integrate your Community Platform – our Path platform integrates with¬†online communities, allowing your users to perform learning activities within the community, have a single-sign-on, and be awarded badges.

The more social your organization becomes, the easier it is to extend your reach, the more aware your audience is of what is going on in different aspects of your business (learning or otherwise), and the more people will remain engaged. Our friends at Tagoras and Higher Logic also mention in their Social Learning Trends Report, that social learning is available to your competition. What do they mean? Competing successfully these days is more about the quality of the ongoing relationship you establish with customers and prospects. In short, mastering social learning is essential to competing effectively.

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