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Blue Sky eLearn announces Teams Feature for Path LMS™

Path LMS™, an award-winning learning management system (LMS) for delivering educational content for associations, corporations, and agencies, is excited to announce its new Teams feature. Path LMS already offers powerful tools for grouping users and monetizing content. Teams makes it easier than ever to manage segments of users, internal or external, and even delegate access to their reporting and oversight.

We see Teams as a fit for plenty of use cases providing a wealth of benefits.

  • Quickly inviting lists of learners to fill seats — 10, 100, or even 500 at a time — or even delegating this job to a Team Manager who’s already responsible for it in the first place.
  • A separate area for companies, chapters, committees, and more, to manage “their” list of learners, pull reports, and track progress. 
  • The management of contract & content limitations on subscriptions sold to organizations who want to see how many people have access to what and for how long.
  • Providing administrative controls and reporting for supporting institutional purchases.
  • Combination of flexibility & quick setup when deciding whether you’re granting access to a single course, a bundle, or your entire training curriculum.
  • Avoiding additional eCommerce configuration, coupon codes, or asking your customer to make multiple purchases (or potentially even pass around the corporate credit card).
  • Giving the 30 thousand foot view (see everyone, who’s completed training, who hasn’t accepted the invite yet, how many seats are empty) to the manager or admin level employee who’s already responsible for supervising multiple learners.
  • Maintaining a great individual experience for the learner.
  • Distributing your existing library of content to different groups without relying on multiple copies or versions of your courses.
  • Not needing to send weekly reports to who is in charge of Team learning. They can pull reporting whenever they need it without accessing data they shouldn’t have access to.
  • Giving access to all the team members in the office — who should have it anyway through your office’s subscription — without having to share a single login and deal with forwarding emails.
  • Delegate access to a single library of content to admins in different cities or regions, i.e. associations think of chapters or committee access to content.

“With the amount of customer feedback we’ve amassed on this, I’m thrilled to get out this release of Teams and see how people start adopting it in their organizations,” said Sean Connelly, Senior Product Manager at Blue Sky eLearn. “We see this as a new core feature to Path LMS, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this and other supporting features guide our product in the future!”


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