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LMS Integration: Why is it important?



You probably know what an LMS is – a Learning Management System. Maybe you’re already using one. You have tests, surveys, and certificates. You charge money for people to take your courses and track their progress. And so on and so forth.

But is your LMS integrated? And why is that important?

eLearning Industry goes as far as to say that an LMS API is the single most important feature for training automation.

For associations specifically, Jeff Cobb of Tagoras outlines the why you’d think about integrating your LMS with your AMS here. The biggest fundamental reason? The AMS is typically the database of record for a membership organization (similar to how a CRM may be for a corporation). It’s where the key contact information for members is stored along with essential information about members’ interactions with the organization.

In addition, your LMS working together with other software systems provides a better user experience – allowing for ease of use and engagement. It can allow:

  • Single Sign-On: Learners to be automatically signed into the LMS once they are signed on to the integrated platform
  • eCommerce: Learners can be automatically enrolled in courses after purchasing
  • Learner Data: Administrators to automatically pull data out of the LMS and into another system

Integrations are the first stop in a future of contextually relevant learning being delivered in the right place at the right time.

Still on the fence? Get to know the databases you are thinking of integrating with.

  1. Do the vendors seem well prepared for the integration?
  2. Have the two systems or companies integrated before? If not, have the two systems performed similar integrations in the past?
  3. Are you and your team clear on your goals for the integration?

While an integration can be nerve-racking and things can go wrong, most of the time they go right, and the added benefits of having an LMS integration far outweigh whatever risks you may feel you are taking.

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