Extended Enterprise

Online learning is a valuable resource for businesses to accelerate growth, build audience engagement and monetize key content.

Increase Profitability + Customer Satisfaction

Powerful Tools to Attract Prospects and Train Sales Channels

Businesses can enhance their ability to share important information with sales partners, suppliers, dealers and customers by capturing and distributing content via our flexible learning management system. Our virtual event experts can facilitate flawless events then store key content in a robust library available 24/7 that allows businesses to convert content into new revenue streams.


Electronically capture and distribute content on a flexible, reliable platform. A customizable user interface allows partners to access training information and certifications while your external suppliers and dealers can quickly and easily enhance their product knowledge to serve your customers better.

  • "Path from Blue Sky eLearn has enabled us to elevate our training capabilities and reach our dealer network in a much more efficient way. It offers our dealers the flexibility of accessing training materials at any time, while giving us the ability to quickly update the materials for dealers as needed. All of this leads to a more effective training program and a more educated sales force."

    Reinke Manufacturing

  • "We have been using Path LMS for our CME and CE webinars. The software is easy to use, and customer service has been great - they address all questions and issues quickly."


  • "This software is very easy to use, and the customer service is excellent! They are constantly upgrading and modifying things to make our work easier."

    Cannon Financial Institute

Incredible Features

Increase Profitability

Unlock new revenue opportunities by integrating your high quality content with a reliable, secure eCommerce solution and turning your online learning into valuable multi-media products.

Improve Efficiency

Educate and train partners, distributors and customers using high quality, multi-media webinars or other virtual events that feature secure registration on an end-to-end platform, allowing managers to track engagement and participation.

Reduce Training Costs

Connect extended enterprise audiences via a single robust virtual environment that reduces travel expenses and resource-wasting time drains.

Certify External Partners

By sharing important knowledge and advancements about your products and services your distribution channel partners are armed with more intelligence and empowered to perform better.

Raise Customer Satisfaction

Reduce support calls by educating customers using convenient online learning tools. By ensuring information continuity across every channel in all locations, your partners and distributors can serve your customers more effectively.

Drive Customer Engagement

Use the software to reveal and track cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Offer complimentary or paid supplemental training based on viewing history or recent product purchases.

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