We developed our robust online training solutions specifically to support clinical trials. By responding to the industry’s specialized needs and strict compliance requirements, we offer flexible, scalable solutions to reduce training costs, achieve higher compliance rates and accelerate trial implementation.

Cost-Effective Clinical Trial Training

Significantly Reduce Training Costs via Virtual Meetings

Experience tremendous cost savings while increasing continuity and communication by hosting virtual investigator training sessions then storing your site training content on our secure, fully-validated, 21 CFR Part 11 and Section 508 compliant web-based platform. Replace the expensive logistical challenges of face-to-face training with a streamlined single platform that instantly connects trial locations around the world.


This cost-effective, flexible online platform is specifically designed to streamline every aspect of clinical trial investigator training. Improve consistency throughout the life of every study by using a single solution for assessment, certification, training and detailed reporting. Share information securely between worldwide research facilities in this easy-to-manage online environment that exceeds standards for compliance.

  • "We had a 97% success rate in training completion & end user satisfaction using Path."

    A Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Company

  • "Our sites give us very positive feedback from training taken through Blue Sky’s virtual meeting platform and eLearning portal. The majority of the comments are about how engaging and intuitive their technology is."

    A Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical Company

  • "We had a 37% reduction in compliance findings vs. face to face training using Path."

    A Top 10 European Pharmaceutical Company

Fully-Managed Virtual Investigator Meeting Solutions

Reduce Costs

Replacing or supplementing in-person meetings with virtual training can reduce training costs up to 75% while instantly connecting trial investigators anywhere in the world.

Improve Compliance

Clinical sites using Blue Sky's web based training solutions experience a 35% decrease on average in non-compliance findings.

Flawless Virtual Meetings

Depend on our hands-on virtual event experts to manage the technical details that ensure a smooth and seamless event, including registration, event moderation and live technical support for remote attendees.

Rapid Site Initiation

Roll out virtual clinical trial training as you approach upcoming initiation dates to improve retention while quickly and consistently preparing incoming investigators.

End-to-End Solution

Rely on a single, easily accessible platform to handle all registration, online assessments, certification, training, detailed reporting and multi-media files.

Share Information Securely

Share study documentation & protocols with investigators, Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and other site personnel through a secure eLearning environment.

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