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Increase Your Conference Success with Post-Event Participation

Anyone who has been tasked with planning an event has probably been highly focused on driving attendance for it.

We all know the importance of creating the right programming to attract attendees, but what happens after that?

How do you increase the number of participants finding value in your content?

Some ideas to consider are:

  1. Providing free access to the conference recordings to all attendees as a value add for attending the conference – let’s face it, they probably weren’t able to make it to every session, especially if your conference has concurrents!
  2. Add on as little as $7 to the conference registration fee to help cover some (or all!) of the costs of recording the content and making it accessible to attendees for free.  Disclaimer: this dollar amount will vary depending on the size of your conference and number of attendees!
  3. If you’ve made the decision to provide the recordings to your attendees for free, you can still go ahead and sell the recordings to non-attendees!  Take that a step further and provide member and non-member pricing to provide additional value to becoming a member of your organization.
  4. Provide different levels at registration.  For example, the Silver Level might get you into the conference, but for an extra $50 you receive the Gold Level and are provided the recordings after the event – we’ve seen up to 80% of registrants choose the higher level registration!
  5. Test out different sponsorship models.  One model is selling a certain number of access codes to a sponsor who can then give them away to people in their industry.  A second model allows certain exhibitor sponsors to provide free access to conference content to attendees that visit their booth.  A third option to explore is simply sponsorship placement – banners or short videos on your online platform where the recordings are hosted.  The opportunities are seemingly endless with sponsorship!
  6. Convert your most popular sessions to online courses – add tests, evaluations, certificates, and continuing education credits to drive more engagement.
  7. Rebroadcast popular sessions as live webinars – with a live introduction and live Q&A at the end, attendees can interact with the presenter almost as if they were attending the original session at the conference.

Once your content has been recorded, don’t forget to turn to Blue Sky to host your content on our Path Event Learning Platform and to run your webinars to continue keeping your audience engaged throughout the year!