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Increase Exposure & Maximize Revenue on eLearning Offerings this Holiday Season

The holidays can be a hectic time of year for anyone. While many organizations have already started planning ahead for 2019, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of this upcoming holiday season. First, consider the following characteristics of your target audience that you may be able to leverage. Individuals tend to have money set aside for holiday shopping that they may be willing to spend in other ways (like on eLearning!). Individuals also tend to have (or take) some extra time off of work, providing them a great opportunity to start a new online course or catch up on some on-demand events. Below are a few ways to spread some holiday cheer while also boosting end-of-year eLearning revenue.

1. A Festive Welcome

An easy way to get your learners in the festive mood is by simply updating your welcome banner or homepage description area on your LMS.

holiday homepage

2. Themed Marketing & Communications

From sending an appreciation email to your members around Thanksgiving, holding an End-of-Year update webinar, offering charity donations for online learning survey responses, to just simply jazzing up your communications with festive flair, there are countless ways to spread the cheer and brighten up your standard events and communications.

holiday email

3. End-of-Year & Holiday Promotions

Offer your learners holiday discounts in the form of coupons and product bundles. Here are some tips for success:

  • Discounts tend to be most effective when offering at least 30% off.
  • Cyber Monday: you’re selling online learning after all! Just because you aren’t selling the same thing as a retail store, doesn’t mean you should miss out on getting some extra sales. Black Friday promotions may be worth having as well!
  • Utilize previous year’s sales data. Push and promote courses or on-demand events that haven’t performed well with discounts, or bundle some best selling content with less popular presentations or courses.
  • If collecting feedback is where you’re struggling, consider offering credits or gift cards for completing surveys.

product bundles


Your family at Blue Sky eLearn wishes you all a happy holiday season and we hope these tips help you spread some holiday cheer while earning your organization more revenue!

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