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Expert Roundup: Top Tips on Associations, eLearning, and Technology

Expert Roundup

Over the past year, we had the pleasure of interviewing a variety of experts in the association, eLearning, and technology industries. Today we’ve put together a compilation of some of the top tips they shared. For all of their expert advice, you can find their full posts here.

  1. Recognize that learning is a process. Facilitate transformation by designing learning pathways with measurable outcomes.
  2. Accessibility is important. Even though associations may not be required to follow ADA guidelines for their eLearning programs, accessible design will improve their educational material.
  3. Survey your membership and specifically those who attend your eLearning programs to provide relevant learning experiences.
  4. Always ask about data migration processes, understand how financial reconciliation will be handled, and ask about the company’s definition of integration when you are exploring new vendors and partners.
  5. Use data whenever possible to make decisions on timing, content, relevance, cost, and marketing.
  6. Don’t forget sponsors! There are lots of sponsorship opportunities available with live or on-demand streaming content.
  7. Stream snippets of sessions on Facebook Live as teasers, then move the engaged visitors over to where they can purchase the full presentation.
  8. Ban the use of the term “virtual” when referring to your online audience – they are every bit as real as the people who in the conference room!
  9. Don’t be afraid of contacting prospects and registrants too often. We are all busy, and reminders are important!
  10. Focus on getting the learning experience “right” first. Know your learner and meet them where they are.
  11. Make instructions as easy and clear as possible, or you’ll be doing customer service all day long.
  12. Find time to experiment with unproven ideas or technologies. An association, regardless of its size or budget, should have the internal resources to run a few experiments a year.

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