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Boosting Member Engagement with Integrated Community and Marketing Solutions

Listen, Implement, Repeat: Are you tuning in to your most valuable resource?

Boosting Member Engagement with Integrated Community and Marketing Solutions

Recently, Jenny Taylor, Senior Manager of Managed Services at Higher Logic, and Jena Cummiskey, Product Manager at Blue Sky eLearn, sat down to talk about different ways they are able to collect feedback and boost member engagement with community and marketing solutions. We’ve put together a quick recap for you, but you can always watch the full webinar on-demand here. The first thing they discussed was…

The case for member feedback

  • Why do you want to capture feedback?
  • Take every opportunity you can to show your members you want to hear what they have to say

Leveraging Current Practices

  • What are other departments already doing?
  • What surveys are already being sent out?
  • What can you already review?
  • What groups aren’t already being represented by these surveys?
  • Quantify feedback at in-person events
  • Beware of the squeaky wheels

Tactics to acquire member feedback

  • Surveys – these are usually low or no cost, but can have a low response rate; however, a great starting point as well as a great way to gather feedback later on as well
  • Focus Groups – allows for genuine discussion with immediate feedback, but you may get less honest responses
  • One-on-One Interviews – usually have no cost, and allow for immediate rich feedback but are time-consuming
  • Councils – they stand out for the opportunity for long-term engagements but are less effective virtually

Now, the How:

  • Establish a predictable baseline – i.e. asking for feedback twice a year
  • Increase frequency and expand modes – now start asking for quarterly feedback, have in-person roundtables
  • Incorporate into business practices – leverage committees, councils, and other departments who may be receiving feedback on a regular basis

Indirect Feedback

  • Gather behavior statistics – what are your members clicking on and searching for?
  • Then cross reference with demographics
  • Develop scenarios to understand your buyers
  • Automate! Any way that you can easily integrate and organize your feedback will help you with your efforts

But what’s the most important part? Acting on the feedback you’ve received! Your members and users have taken the time to provide you feedback – they need to see a result. This shows them that you truly value their feedback and will encourage them to continue providing it.

Want to learn more and see some real-world examples? View the entire webinar here.

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