Blue Skies Ahead Grant

Who We Are

Blue Sky eLearn is a global eLearning and virtual events company dedicated to the greater good in the communities we serve.

What We’re Offering

Each year, we offer free and heavily discounted products and services, in the form of a grant, to help one nonprofit organization take their online programs to the next level.

Qualifications: Who is Eligible?

  • 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) organizations with:
    • A focus on educating your audience while also working with underserved communities
    • Existing selection of pre-recorded content, or a plan to create content or schedule webinars that you would like to make available soon (within 3-6 months of contract) 
    • Interested and able to continue to add content and manage your learning platform after launch 

What you can expect from Blue Sky: 

  • A team of talented, passionate individuals working on your project 
  • A detailed onboarding process to train you and your staff on using the platform and provide initial guidance on the best set up for your material
  • Free and heavily reduced rates on our products and services 

Yearly Schedule

  • Application Period Open: February – March
  • Review Period, Interviewing Applicants: April – June
  • Winner Announced: July
  • Onboarding of Winner: August/September

Be sure to check back in February of 2022 to apply!