Technical Account Managers: More Than Canned Responses and Automatic Replies

August 20, 2021
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Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are a client’s dedicated partner when it comes to SaaS products. They are real people on project teams helping and guiding clients (those we call Path Admins) as they are navigating a new tool.

During a project lifecycle at Blue Sky eLearn, the Technical Account Manager is introduced as a key player that can help a client with questions, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring they have a dedicated problem-solving partner.

But let’s break that down even more…What does this really mean?

No canned responses here…nope, no way

When dealing with many SaaS companies, getting support can be a convoluted and frustrating process. A typical support infrastructure often uses canned responses and complex protocols and messaging, making clients feel unheard when they need help.

We do it differently at Blue Sky eLearn

Our TAMs want their clients to know with 100% certainty that real people are answering every single ticket that comes their way. Using thoughtful responses and screen recordings as teaching tools, our TAMs are at-the-ready to solve each problem as unique. And while Blue Sky has comprehensive documentation on “how-to-do XYZ” (especially for those clients who like to try things on their own!), there is a level of teaching and guidance that takes place in each ticket that our team handles. TAMs need to teach and apply a unique use case to each ticket because a client’s company goals are not the same across the board.

Let’s solve the problem together

When our TAMs are reading through your tickets, they become detectives. They dig through your Path LMS™ site, learn about your organization, discover where there might be a gap with an application of a feature or setup, and begin to find a targeted solution for you. At Blue Sky eLearn,  our approach focuses on teaching and transfer of knowledge to ensure that your Path LMS Admins can be successful.

Our TAMs encourage testing. And while testing a solution is important, when you receive our messages, our TAMs never want you to feel lost or like you don’t have a trusted partner on the other end. Feedback and communication is key to ensure what we’re testing is working!

The TAM team’s goal is to provide you with the best solution or fix to ensure you can continue hitting your goals and helping your learners access their educational tools.

In summary

Clients choose an LMS partner to address both a learning gap and an immediate need to provide an educational tool to their members and stakeholders. There is a clear vision driving clients’ initiatives. Technical Account Mangers work to ensure you maintain the success of that initiative by having not just the right answer to a question but also the tools to execute on that vision.

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