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Association Webinars: Not Just for Continuing Education

Association Webinars

Our Blue Sky eLearn team spends a lot of time working with clients producing webinars associated with continuing education for their members. But there are so many more use-cases to consider leveraging this engaging and cost-effective technology. We’ve outlined a few ideas for consideration:  

1. New Member Onboarding

Build upon the exciting of a new member joining!  The easy access to your organization helps them feel like they are instantly part of something bigger. You can use the event to explain any complicated parts of your membership, encourage conversation, and screen share and show them anything pertinent in places like your AMS or LMS. Don’t forget webcams to help them feel a very personal connection!

2. Volunteer Training

Volunteers are often the lifeblood of a growing association, so it’s important to build upon their initial excitement as well! Organize a webinar for some training and give them an opportunity to ask questions and interact and collaborate with one another. 

3. Annual Updates

Provide annual (or bi-annual, quarterly) updates to your member base to keep them engaged and excited throughout the year. This can cover exciting new hire introductions, updates on industry standards, and general updates on how the association is doing and new initiatives the association has going on. You may communicate a lot of this through email and social media, but creating a recurring event for information like this is a great way to bring people together.

4. Pre-Annual Conference Hype

Maximize the money and time put into your annual conference. Host a webinar to get people excited about what’s coming up – plenary sessions, special guests, fun events – you name it! Again, this information is probably communicated on your website and via email but having an event where people can ask questions and interact will take the excitement level up a notch! 

5. Repurpose or Replay Popular Conference Sessions

Leverage the “live” aspect for CE. While many conference sessions might be continuing education credit, not all of them are, and sometimes only watching them live at the conference qualifies for CE. You can repurpose popular (or all) sessions for on-demand viewing, but you may want to consider playing back the recording with the speaker available for live Q&A, or even have the speaker re-present if they are open to that. 

6. ‘How To’, ‘Best Practice’ and ‘Ask the Expert’ Webinars

Think beyond continuing education credits –  there are plenty of things to educate yourself on that may not tie directly into what your association represents. Think social media best practices, software training, and leadership skills as a few examples! 

7. Flipped Classroom

Direct your audience to learn on their own prior to the live event- possibly listens to lectures online or read relevant documents.  Then come together live for a more interactive and collaborative webinar!

We hope the above list has provided you some inspiration on different use cases for webinars and if you have other ideas please share them below! 

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