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Webinar Re-Cap: Ask the Association Veteran Anything

In our May 2021 installment of Ask the Association Veteran Anything, our VP of Client Experience, Amanda Davis, chats about engagement in virtual learning, creating micro-learning, what we’re seeing with hybrid conferences, and content management systems. We’ve provided a brief highlight below, but you can access the full recording at any time here. 

How can I increase engagement among attendees in virtual learning?

  • Engage your attendees right out of the gate
  • Arm your subject matter experts with the tools that will help them succeed with the education but will also help your organization succeed as well
  • Breakout rooms: make sure there are action items so any apprehension of engaging fades away
  • Ask questions: whether content related, fun, or peer-to-peer, get your audience chatting!
  • Social engagements: from cooking classes to wine tasting to yoga – you can still have fun virtually!
  • Make a list of what sponsors/exhibitors are getting at your in-person event and ensure you can provide them similar engagement virtually

How can I create micro and/or nano learning? 

  • Start small and test the market
  • Take your bestselling content, review the learning objectives, and work with subject matter experts to see if there is bite-sized content living within the larger content
  • Review the content you have; then determine what is relevant and “sticky” that can then be cut down to shorter snippets

What are you seeing regarding hybrid meetings and conferences? 

  • We do see singular virtual events OR full virtual conferences going away
  • There is a mix of people who can’t wait to get back to in-person but plenty who don’t want to – find out what your audience wants
  • Communicate early and work with your partners and learners on the right solution
  • Be open to suggestions from your partners for greater success

Ready to dive in and watch the on-demand presentation? Click here.