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7 Creative Ways to Promote LMS Engagement

7 Creative Ways to Promote LMS Engagement

When launching a learning management system (LMS) for the first time, organizations need to take into consideration different ways to generate excitement and interest in their new platform. This could mean email blasts and posts on social media to start creating buzz, as well as providing incentives and discounts for early visitors. We see these tactics often, in all aspects of life. While these strategies have certainly been proven to work, we wanted to share some other creative ways one of our clients is considering to get their audience to engage with their new LMS. 

1. Webinars

At this point, we’re all familiar with webinars. However, many associations may just link to a webinar registration page from their website or association management system. Especially if there is no continuing education or certification involved. By incorporating webinar registration into your LMS, you’re bringing people to your platform who may not have gone there before.

2. Scavenger Hunts

We experience different levels of gamification on a regular basis. Host digital scavenger hunts that bring people through different areas of your LMS. Each answer they find they can record in a quiz or survey created within the platform. Once they’ve submitted the completed answers, you’ll be notified and can award them a prize! 

3. Daily Challenges

Using your AMS or online community, post daily or weekly challenges to your audience that involve them using your LMS to complete these challenges. Each activity would be tracked in the backend of the LMS and then you’d be able to run reports to award prizes. 

4. Promote In-Person Events

Use your LMS to promote upcoming in-person events with reading materials, video biographies and introductions from the event speakers, and any other handouts provided prior to the event. Make sure to specifically promote these to those that have registered to attend. 

5. Work with Local Chapters

Every association is different, but some associations have a much higher engagement rate at the local level versus national. Offer to work with any interested in local chapters on publishing some of their courses and offerings onto the national LMS and providing a revenue share. This allows those local chapters to grow their non-dues revenue and expand their reach while allowing the national level to create new content at a faster rate. 

6. Start a Mentor Program

You may actually already have one of these, but integrating live webinars, recorded presentations, scavenger hunts, and quizzes into your mentor programs create a learning journey through your LMS for both mentors and mentees. 

7. Integrate with your Association Management System

For most associations, the AMS is at the center of their universe. By choosing an LMS that integrates with your AMS, you’ll make the experience more seamless for your end-users, increasing the likelihood that they’ll continue to engage. From single sign-on to integrating eCommerce, to writing back continuing education and activities from the LMS to the AMS, there are many benefits when it comes to integrating. 

Implementing an LMS can be daunting, scary, and exciting. After putting all of that hard work into your new learning platform, you’ll want to make sure you make a splash with marketing promotions, specials, and some of the creative ideas above to encourage as many people as possible to visit your new platform! Have other creative ideas that have worked well for you? We’d love to hear them! 

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