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6 Tips on Attracting Learners to Your LMS

6 Tips on Attracting Learners to Your LMS

Are you among the many organizations who transitioned an annual meeting (or multiple meetings) from in-person to virtual this year? Maybe you even used your LMS to take registration, host the meeting, and to provide continuing education credits after the event. But are your learners coming back to your organization and your LMS outside of the virtual meetings? Here are some ideas to leverage your LMS as the home for their education needs: 

  1. Host the recordings of your virtual meetings on-demand. Yes, this still means your users are coming to your LMS for a reason related to your virtual meeting, but now they can view content at their own pace and may stick around and check out other offerings. 
  2. Bundle virtual meetings in with other offerings. Some ideas include: 
    1. Purchase a virtual meeting registration, get 10% off a course 
    2. Purchase virtual meeting session recordings bundled together with other presentations or courses on the same topic
  3. Offer up content for free! Not all of it, but offering a free or discounted webinar, on-demand presentation, or course, is a good way to get people into your LMS who may have not stopped by in a while, or at all. 
  4. New member onboarding. Use the LMS to onboard your members and introduce them to the platform right away. Now they know about it, are getting comfortable, and will hopefully be back for more! 
  5. Continuing Education. This is a no brainer – but if you offer continuing education credits or certifications then make sure it all lives on your LMS. 
  6. Offer variety. From big annual meetings to short one-hour webinars, multi-step courses to micro-learning, make sure you are offering something for everyone. Not all learners are created equal – some are in the early stages of their career vs. late, some may want to dip their toe in a new topic or skill setwhile others are ready to dive in and get a full certification. The more you have to offer, the more people you will attract. 

How else are you attracting your learners to your LMS? 

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