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5 Benefits of Virtual Investigator Meetings

5 Benefits of Virtual Investigator Meetings

Clinical trial training can be expensive. While traditional face-to-face meetings can have their benefits, they also cost more and are more time consuming. Virtual investigator meetings can allow for tremendous cost savings while increasing continuity and communication. Here’s how:

Reduction in Setup Time

While virtual meetings still require meticulous planning, there are fewer logistics to worry about and therefore can be set up in a shorter amount of time if needed. This creates more efficiency for clinical trials before the trial even begins!

Higher Attendance

Time reduction isn’t only true when it comes to set up. For attendees, not needing to attend a face-to-face meeting allows them to be productive on the days they would have been traveling and miss fewer days of work. Virtual meetings are also often open to everyone at the site that will be involved with a study, whereas an in-person meeting may only be limited to a couple of people per site.

Increased Engagement

While a big concern of online meetings is not knowing if your audience is paying attention, virtual meetings actually make it possible to increase engagement and track attentiveness. Taking the time during pre-production to craft state-of-the-art presentations with instructional designers, as well as utilizing polls, chat boxes, breakout rooms, and surveys to monitor and collect information, will continue to keep your meetings engaging and interesting.

Fortified Learning 

Storing your site training content on a secure, fully-validated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant portal allows your audience to revisit the material to reinforce what they learned during their initial training. You can also use the platform to host content for your audience to watch before a virtual or in-person meeting, as well as host other information relevant to their trial.

Detailed Reporting

Virtual investigator meetings, coupled with a clinical trial portal utilize platforms that allow for robust tracking and reporting. Learners can track their progress and completions while trial managers have access to 24/7 real-time reports to numerous relevant metrics.  The audit trail satisfies all regulatory requirements for the industry.

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