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3 Tips for Selling Sponsorship for eLearning

3 Tips for Selling Sponsorship for eLearning

Nowadays, eLearning or online learning isn’t a new or foreign concept. Most associations have some sort of eLearning program – be it recordings from annual meetings, monthly webinars, or content created specifically for on-demand courses. 

So why, when we’ve made the transition from hosting all educational opportunities in person to hosting many aspects of them online, has sponsorship not followed suit? 

Here are some tips for getting sponsors involved with your eLearning products. 

Sell them on the Value of eLearning 

Education is one of the top reasons that people join associations, typically after the social and networking aspect. What does that mean? When people finally get to your annual meeting, they’re not only getting an education but they are getting their time to be social and network with peers. Their attention is divided among so many things, not to mention keeping tabs on what is going on back at the office and with their home life. So, while an annual meeting does provide the sponsor the opportunity to meet these people face-to-face and make a connection with them, they are fighting a variety of other things while that’s happening. 

By sponsoring eLearning content, you more or less have the learner’s attention as they’ve chosen that time to sit down and concentrate on the webinar or eLearning module in front of them. They know the office and home life is just a few steps away, and there is no networking and socializing taking place to distract them when they see information about the sponsor. 

Sell Different Tiers of Sponsorship 

Just like you most likely sell different tiers of sponsorship and have different sized tradeshow booths at your annual meeting, the same should be said for eLearning. Depending on the types of programs you are offering, you can sell things such as: 

  • A quarterly or annual webinar sponsorship – this could even include add-ons such as a 30-60 second live promo by the sponsor or a video that is played 
  • Course or presentation sponsorship – highlight the course sponsor with their logo, blurb, and a link to their chosen URL destination. Depending on the type of course (is it evergreen, is it only popular during a certain time of year) you can decide on the length of sponsorship and provide discounts for sponsors who choose to sponsor multiple courses at a time. 
  • Homepage sponsorship – the first page that users see when they get to your LMS. Similar too the course sponsorship, you can add their logo, blurb, and a link to their chosen URL destination. You can also provide a variety of sponsorship lengths and provide discounts should someone choose to sponsor the homepage for a longer amount of time.

Provide Data

Unlike a tradeshow, where a sponsor can walk away with a physical list of new leads and opportunities, eLearning sponsorships can be a bit harder to track. Here are some tips for making sure your sponsors feel satisfied with their ROI: 

  • With live webinar sponsorships, it’s simple to provide a sponsor with a list of registrants and attendees. This is the closest experience to them receiving a lead list at a tradeshow. You may want to include a disclaimer with the end users’ webinar registration that lets them know the sponsor will be receiving their information and may reach out. 
  • Provide monthly statistics on course, presentation, or homepage views – whatever your sponsor is sponsoring! While these page views may not be a direct correlation to new business the sponsor receives, it will help assure them that enough eyeballs are seeing their information that they paid to have displayed. 
  • Encourage your sponsors to use a unique URL for their sponsored blurbs – this will give them additional tracking information. 
  • Utilize specific advertisement areas within your LMS where ad code or specific image code can be added as another avenue for highly trackable sponsorship. 

Have other tips for getting sponsors involved with your eLearning products? Comment below!

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