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Webinars: Is Your Technology Flexible or Rigid?

Has your rigid webinar technology been limiting your vision?

While you’re evaluating webinar technology providers, we’ve come up with a list of items you should be looking for when checking out different webinar providers and making sure you choose a partner whose technology allows for a more flexible experience, allowing you to make sure your webinars are engaging.

flexible webinars

The Presentation

  1. Your Presentations. Whether they allow screen sharing or converting before uploading the content, ensure your provider allows for multiple formats so you aren’t limited to only using PowerPoint and can work with other programs such as Keynote and Prezi.
  2. Video & Audio Clips. Are you able to share video and audio clips with your audience? Does this happen through sharing your screen or is it embedded into the presentation?
  3. Slide Animations & Transitions. If your webinar provider is uploading your slides, will your animations stay intact? And if you’re sharing your screen – is the screen smooth enough to showcase these animations? You’ll want to make sure that this is tested on wireless internet connections and mobile devices to make sure your entire audience will have a good experience.
  4. Webcams. Can a live video of your webinar presenter(s) be shown to your audience during the event? Ensure that you test your presenters’ webcams during a training before the event so that you know their connections are working and there are no surprises minutes before the event.

The Audience

  1. Audio Connections. Does your audience have the option to listen to the webinar through their computer OR their phone? If the audience is allowed to listen in via their phone, does this work internationally or just for US-based listeners?
  2. Chat and Q&A. Are both available to your audience? Can both be made private so that only the presenters can see messages and questions from an audience member? Do presenters also have their own private chat that is not available to the audience?
  3. Polling Questions. Can you create polls on the fly during an event? Is there a limit to the number of answer options there are, or the number of answers an audience member can select? Can you decide if you want to broadcast results publicly or keep them private and choose to discuss them with the audience versus making the poll results visible?
  4. Attendee Microphones. Do attendees have the ability to call in and ask their questions vocally? If so, can the host mute and unmute their microphones? Is there a lag between the question being asked and what the audience hears?
  5. Breakout Rooms. Can attendees be broken out into smaller rooms for discussions and workshops before being brought back into the larger webinar?
  6. Attention Checks. Can attention checks pop up throughout the event to ensure that all attendees are viewing the content and engaged?

Before and After The Event

  1. Emails. What kind of email communication is available for your events? Confirmations after sign up? Reminders? Post-event emails thanking them for attending or for sending them a link to the on-demand recording?
  2. Security. Is secure registration available for the webinar? Can you control who has access to attend the webinar?
  3. Lobby Slides. Are pre-event lobby slides available for attendees to view before the event starts, allowing you to promote other events and include sponsorships?
  4. Surveys. Are post-event surveys available? Can the presenter create customized questions for their surveys?
  5. Testing & Certification. Is it possible to have a webinar be part of a larger course? Or at a minimum, have a post-test and certificate available at the end of the event?
  6. Reporting. Is all reporting on registrants, attendees, polling, chats, Q&A, etc. available after the event?

Here are Blue Sky, we pride ourselves on providing each and every one of our clients a successful, engaging event with our flexible technology and experienced staff. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

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