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How to Use Webinars to Promote Your eLearning Programs

What kind of pricing should we use for our webinars? How can we monetize our webinars? These are two popular questions we receive from our clients. There is no right answer. Every client is different, every audience is different, every webinar is different. There is, however, an (almost) constant thread when it comes to webinars – a lower barrier to entry for both the person hosting the webinar and the person attending. Use this to your advantage!

free webinar

Offer Your Webinars for Free

Yes, I said it! Forget about pricing, forget about monetizing your webinars – at least some of them! Making it as easy as possible for your audience to decide to register for a webinar means you’re one step closer to getting them to engage with your brand. Once they start attending your webinars and finding value, they’ll continue coming back to you for more content – on-demand webinars, recordings from conferences, online certification and continuing education programs – you name it. But first, win their trust by offering them insightful and engaging content at no cost!

promote webinars

Promote Your Webinars

Okay, you’re with me and you’ve decided to offer your webinars for free. Yes, this will probably increase your registration numbers, but how are you getting the word out there?

  • Social Media Marketing – whatever sites you are using for social media should be working to get more people registered for your events!
  • Email Marketing – still one of the best ways to reach your audience, especially if you are using automation tools to share only what is the most relevant to them – like the webinar content!
  • Company Website – promote upcoming webinars in an Events section on your site!
  • Blog Posts – write posts relating to your webinar content (and share, share, share these!)


Reel Them in During the Live Event!

The day is here! There are a variety of ways to promote your other educational programs before, during, and after the live event.

  • Promote related content on lobby slides prior to the event
  • Mention related content throughout the webinar when questions and comments come up on certain subject matter
  • Offer resource links to other courses and content within the webinar platform and on the webinar registration page
  • Encourage tweets during the live event to help promote your relevancy and grow your audience
  • Send a survey afterward and include a question asking if they’d like to receive more information on additional courses and content related to the webinar – then send that information their way!
  • Send a follow-up email to both attendees and those that registered but did not attend with a link to the free on-demand webinar afterward. Also, include a link (or links) to other related content and courses.

From there, see how your webinar registration numbers grow, as well as your eLearning program sales. You may also want to look at bundling different items together, offering discounts to those who may have previously attended a webinar, and including webinars as part of a larger eLearning program.

To learn more about how Blue Sky’s products and services can help you accomplish these initiatives, contact us today!

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