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Blue Sky eLearn: 2017 Year in Review

2017 was another great year for Blue Sky! If you haven’t been following us the entire year, read our 2017 year in review below and check out some highlights!

  1. We secured funding from Freeman Digital Ventures and partnered with Freeman on a new OnlineEvents Solution.
  2. We took our Higher Logic partnership to the next level by offering a seamless eLearning and community experience.
  3. We kicked off an integration partnership with NeonCRM, utilizing the Higher Logic Certified Integration.
  4. We developed an integration with Fonteva, allowing us to now integrate Path LMS with Salesforce.Blue Sky Partners 2017
  5. We hired Ryan Graham as our new Senior Sales Director – providing us with 12+ years of experience in the SaaS learning technology space with companies such as Boston Conferencing, Peach New Media, and Abila.
  6. We hired Kara Adams as a new Client Success Manager – who most recently held education leadership roles at two associations – bringing with her experience in LMS selection, implementation, and launch process of our very own Path LMS.
  7. We held a variety of educational webinars such as How to Develop eLearning Pricing Strategies & Winning Value Propositions, Let’s Learn Together: Enhancing Online Learning with Communitiesand The 6 Ws of Webinar Promotion: Fill More Seats with Qualified ProspectsFor a full list of our webinars, click here.
  8. We’ve traveled around the country (and world) attending and exhibiting at numerous great conferences, including PCMA, ATD TechKnowledge, IMEX, ASAE, NiUG Discovery, Higher Logic Super Forum, and FUNcon – to name a few!Blue Sky 2017 Conferences
  9. We developed lots of new features and functionality for our award-winning Path LMS and hosted more webinars than ever before!
  10. We had a whole lot of fun doing it!

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