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The Top Reasons You Should Be Using Microlearning

If you’re in the elearning industry, there is a pretty good chance you’ve heard the buzzword ‘microlearning’. Perhaps you’ve already started implementing microlearning into your overall elearning program.


If you have not, or are still on the fence about starting to use microlearning at all, here are some of the top reasons to start!

  1. Reinforce or supplement formal training. According to a 2017 ATD Report, 81% of adopters cited this as the most common application. This could include delivering short pieces of content to learners before a training program or conference to build excitement and grow their knowledgebase before the event, as well as follow up afterwards, to ensure they don’t immediately forget everything that they’ve learned!
  2. Another application of microlearning is what is referred to as ‘just-in-time content’. This is easily digestible content that a learner can use to brush up on a skill before completing a task. Examples of this include a software developer implementing new code, a lawyer taking on a case with an uncommon argument, or a nurse performing a procedure at the hospital.
  3. Lastly, with the growing number of millennials in the workforce, organizations are starting to look at their elearning programs at a whole and slowly start to replace their standard training programs with more bite-sized content that millennials typically prefer.

To start creating microlearning, take those hour-long podcasts, webinars, and conference sessions, and start breaking them down! Utilize a team that can help you edit the content you already have into smaller chunks, and set aside some time to start creating new pieces of content that are each just a few minutes in length.

While it may seem like a daunting task to fit so much education into such a short amount of time, remember that while the content comes in small pieces, it doesn’t mean that your learners won’t string a few together at a time – now you are just making the content less intimidating for them to absorb!

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