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Tips for Monetizing Your Webinars

So, you’ve decided to start offering webinars. Or maybe you’ve been hosting webinars for a while but now you’ve decided it’s time to start monetizing them.

Over the years Blue Sky has managed educational webinars for all types of clients who have a variety of different webinar goals – to use them as a value-add for members, to keep their audience engaged throughout the year, to offer continuing education credits through virtual events, and of course, to drive additional non-dues revenue to their organization.

monetize webinars

Why would someone pay for your webinar?

If you have decided to charge a fee for attending your live webinar, you need to ask yourself why someone would pay to attend. Are you the only one covering the topic – your audience cannot get this information elsewhere? Is your speaker someone well-known and sought after in the industry? Is the topic in high-demand? Are you offering continuing education credit? If your webinar doesn’t fall into at least one of these categories, you may have a hard time getting your audience to pay to attend.

What about charging for on-demand?

If you have decided to charge a fee for a live webinar, chances are you won’t want to give the recording away for free, otherwise, your turnout rate for the live event will be quite low. When charging for the on-demand webinar, we recommend the following options:

  • Those that paid for the live event receive the recording for free.
  • Those who did not pay for the live event can receive the recording at the same or discounted rate. We sometimes see clients offer a slight discount due to the fact that those watching the recording will not have the option to ask the speaker questions, participate in live polls, etc.

How can we manage webinar sales?

Utilizing our Path platform with integrated e-commerce and webinar registration, managing webinar sales has never been easier. Within the Path platform you have many different options:

  • Differentiating pricing based on someone’s status within the organization (e.g. member vs. non-member)
  • Bundling numerous webinars together and offering a slight discount that in turn drives higher sales and consumption
  • Offer discount codes to drive certain webinar sales at different times of the year
  • Provide free webinars but charge for those who want to be awarded continuing education credit for attending

Ask yourself these questions, explore options, and learn about what other organizations are doing to successfully monetize their webinars – and contact us to learn more about our webinar services and how we can help you today!

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