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Quick Tips: 3 Ways to Rock Your Portal Home Page

A learning portal home page is your first impression to woo and win your target audience. Consider these three strategies to drive results.

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Graphic Appeal:

What’s your ratio? Take a look at your learning portal home page and estimate the word to graphics ratio. Pretty heavy on the words?

Words are important, but since visitors skim website content vs. settle in for easy-chair reading, each word must contribute to a design that moves eyes toward the call to action. According to Skyword, pages with images perform better. A smart balance of eye-catching graphics with punchy copy will decrease your bounce rate.

Quick tips:

  • Ensure graphics and photo stock are relevant to your target audience, not general or clip arty
  • No graphic artist? Create personalized branded graphics with Canva
  • Consider optimizing graphics to manage page load speeds
  • Use your WYSIWYG Path LMS editor to introduce text textures such as headers, lines, in and outdents

Mobile First:

Pew reports 95% of adults own a smartphone and that one in ten Americans are smartphone-only internet users. Bersin by Deloitte characterizes the modern learner as “On Demand,” stating adult learners are “increasingly turning to their smartphones to find just-in-time answers to unexpected problems.” If when your learners are looking for answers and come across your site, what will they see?

For the sake of readability alone, a mobile first strategy must be a portal homepage priority. Because adult learners are consuming large amounts of mobile content, they are now accustomed to those conventions. They will expect an elegant mobile experience from you.

Quick tips:

  • Laser focus in upon your target audience so you know which content to prioritize
  • Design for small screen real estate
  • Test your content on mobile devices to ensure an excellent experience
  • Offer mobile learning opportunities

Call To Action:

Your digital content lives in a different universe than in-person conferences or training. We should no longer equivalate eLearning with the classroom experience because of how we consume content in a global hypertext environment. Why should learners choose your content over another’s?

I encourage my clients to think about their portal home page like a content marketer. What’s the message of your portal home? Is it, “Hi, we put this here for you.” Or is it, “We understand you want to accomplish x, y, z – here’s your next step to getting there faster.”

Quick tips:

  • Speak directly to your target audience to personalize the experience
  • Speak directly about their pain points and offer your value proposition
  • Use compelling visuals (see how this is coming full circle now?)
  • State your call to action, ensuring clear next steps

You’ve got a matter of seconds to convince a visitor to stick around and explore a while. Maximize your portal home page to woo and win your target audience’s commitment to the next step.


Tracy King, MA, CAE

As Chief Learning Strategist & Founder of InspirEd, Tracy leverages her more than 17 years in the education industry for associations interested in increasing their relevance and revenue with meaningful live, online, and mobile learning programs. Tracy specializes in the intersection of learning science and technology. She’s a thought leader in education strategy and learning experience design. In addition, Tracy offers training to instructional design teams, content experts, and at conferences. Learn more at or

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