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Webinar Recap: Building a Customer Avatar

Avatars aren’t just for video games anymore. They’re a power tool used by marketers to better understand and connect with their ideal prospects.

During Blue Sky eLearn’s June 16, 2017, webinar, Building a Customer Avatar: The Key to Better Copy, Easier Lead Generation and Higher ROI, event copywriter and webinar marketing expert Jenny Hamby shared ways to develop a customer avatar to simplify your marketing efforts. Here are some of our top takeaways:

5 reasons to use avatars:

  • Gain clarity about who your audience really is
  • It makes copywriting a lot easier
  • Opportunities to customize marketing materials jump out
  • Easier to decide how to reach your audience
  • Faster training of team members and new vendors

Your avatar should include details like:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Worries and frustrations
  • How the avatar thinks about him/herself
  • Reasons for struggles
  • The ideal solution to the avatar’s problem
  • What’s stopping the avatar from reaching the ideal solution
  • Worst-case scenario if the avatar doesn’t take action
  • Reasons why it’s urgent and important for the avatar to act now

Where to find information about your avatar:

  • Publications, websites, blogs, newsletter
  • Interview current customers and ideal prospects
  • Industry associations and other groups they belong to
  • Instructors and other thought leaders
  • Online searches
  • Surveys

Where this information can be used:

  • Choosing mailing lists, evaluating advertising opportunities, identifying JV partnerships
  • Creating resources for lead generation
  • Developing content that idea prospects want
  • Educating your team about what your ideal prospect is
  • Improving webinar marketing copy, particularly the webinar introduction/background, who should attend, what you’ll learn, headline, call to action benefits.

Want to learn more? View the recording here.

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