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Help Your Members Achieve Their 2017 Resolutions!

According to data pulled from Google, by iQuanti, one of the top three New Years Resolutions in 2017 is to “live life to the fullest”.

The world is constantly changing, which demands we constantly change to keep up, let alone get ahead of the curve. Choosing to continue to educate ourselves is essential in helping us live life to the fullest.

One of the many helpful ways to take control of our learning is to take advantage of self-paced learning tools. Associations who offer their members the ability to learn on their own provide value. Why?

  1. Respects and Maximizes Time
    1. Members can learn at any time, from anywhere.
    2. By choosing their own environment, the effectiveness of the education may increase.
    3. By having immediate access to content and feedback, improvements can be made more quickly.
  2. Cost Effective – the learner does not have to pay travel costs or take time off of work. Also, prices for online courses are typically less than in-person classes, due to the cost to produce and the ability to reach more learners.
  3. Caters to Learning Style – the learning and comprehension capacity for everyone is different. Giving the learner the ability to learn at their own pace and review content until they have a solid understanding of it can be very beneficial.

Virtual events and learning management systems are two great tools to help your members achieve their 2017 learning resolutions. Contact Blue Sky to find out more about how we can help!

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